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Some women want to be house wives and some women want to be Harvard professors and some women want to be porn stars and some women want to be nuns and some women want to be surgeons and there is nothing wrong with anyone’s profession I am sick of people being rude to women about their professions oh my god

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are you kidding me…


This was so not necessary, boys.

But it was also very necessary.

I bet Tom texted him.

And you have to do it in a white shirt.

Are you fucking kidding me Hiddleston?

Nope. It’s for the ladieees.

Alright, you know what?

You think your white shirt makes them swoon?

I’ll make them swoon.

I’ll get all wet.

And I’ll put on a fucking suit.

And a birthday suit.

And I’ll do it on a motorcycle.

And I’ll do it with the motherfucking white shirt.

How’s that to please the ladies?

That’s not fair play mate

Go big or go home

Shut up you big lizard


Yup ^^^^ all above ^^^^

I bet Tom wants a do over!

And now Tom and Ben should do redo together… :p

we need to start a petition to make this happen

Great idea.  and for the record Tom takes the wet white t-shirt swee[stakes.

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okay but when you have holocaust survivors and people who were activists during the civil rights movement supporting mike brown and then KKK members and neo nazi’s supporting the officer you should be able to figure out which side is the right one.


Why Did You Capitalize The Word ‘Cabbage’ But Not The Word ‘France’ : an adventure in reading fanfiction

coming soon, the thrilling sequel: ‘You’ve Gone Through Three Different Tenses In The Space Of One Paragraph And I Think You Just Invented A Whole New One All Of Your Own’

and the long anticipated conclusion to the trilogy: ‘I Have No Idea Who Is Supposed To Be Speaking Right Now’