My name is Alexis. You can call me Lex, I suppose.

This blog is an OC rp blog.

FC is Holland Roden

MAGIC ANON: None at the moment

There will be NSFW content on this blog that may or may not be under a read more. (Both Mun and Muse are old enough to legally participate in such activities.)


Misha says both rings are wedding rings. He lost his original wedding ring Vicki made him on a rafting adventure. She made him another that he lost. The top ring is a 30 dollar one Vicki got him, and then she made yet another one with the holes for him that he wears on the bottom. The top one keeps the bottom one on so he doesn’t lose it again.

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i like how when people say “i love couples with size difference” they mean tiny girls with waists so thin the large men they are dating can put their entire hand around them and by love i mean where the FUCK are my tiny vain princes and their huge muscular knight women who don’t put up with any of their shit and hoist them over their shoulders and walk off when they’re having a princely temper tantrum your all WEAK


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I actually really want to roleplay violent things. Even a forceful relationship. I don’t mind. I want to roleplay everything. Be it good things or bad things. Throw things at my character, slap them, hug them, kiss them, say mean things about them, anything, really. Make me cry, make me laugh. I really just want to roleplay all kinds of things.